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Central Church of Christ in Athens


Bible Study Links

Links that will help you study your Bible

https://apologeticspress.org/ (this webpage is dedicated to teaching the truth about our origin)

https://www.christiancourier.com/ Brother Wayne Jackson has a tremendous amount of great Bible material)

http://www.thegospelradionetwork.org/ (24 hour a day access to preaching and teaching of the Word)

http://www.swsbs.edu/ (Training Men to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ)

http://www.browntrailschoolofpreaching.com/ (Training Men to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ)

https://www.wvbs.org/ (World Video Bible School)

http://www.tullstar.org/ (Helping the Lord's Church spread the Gospel with Today's Technology)


 The inclusion of a specific link does not imply complete endorsement of everything within the link.  We certainly  evaluate every link to the best of our ability and we will remove as necessary any content brought to our attention that does not agree with sound, Biblical teaching.  Finally, we exhort you to study these lessons along with your Bible to prove them to be true (Acts 17:11).